Structural Insulated Panels
Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about Structural Insulated panels ​
  1. How green are SIPs?
    On average, with a good design, SIPs will help building owners to save at least 60% on their energy bills. They last longer than average traditional framing and can be reused after they served their initial purpose.
  2. Do SIPs release any VOCs?
    SIPs are considered to have low VOCs, in fact using SIPs will help you gain 1 LEED point for Indoor Air Quality.
  3. How much faster is it to build with SIPs?
    For an average house, you can erect one floor per day. So a 3 stories building will take about 3 days to put up the walls. You are easily saving over 50% on construction time. Keep in mind that labor is one of the biggest expenses in construction
  4. How many stories can I build using SIPs?
    SIPs can go up to 4 floors without any extra support. Beyond that, you will need to use conventional framing and erect studs to support the SIPs.
  5. What is the R-Value of the SIPs?
    SIPs R-value is customizable to customers’ needs. It can range from R16 to R100 based on customers’ desire. On average you are getting about R3.9 per inch with EPS.
  6. Where can I find more information about SIPs?
    Just like anything else, you can always contact us and we would be happy to chat with you or meet to talk about it in more details. Meanwhile you can visit:

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