Petra Building Solutions  provides energy consulting services for those who are looking for ways to evaluate the energy performance of their buildings or projects and to achieve the highest energy efficiency possible for them.   
Our expertise is the result of our in-depth knowledge of the Canadian construction market, along with years of researching the market for the best Green construction products and our deep understanding of the various Green building standards, such as LEED, R-2000 and Passive House (PassivHaus).
We can help you achieve the Green building standards you wish, work with you to estimate and improve the energy performance of your buildings, or share with you  useful tips on how to ensure that your projects are  designed and built to meet the highest energy efficiency standards you desire. 
If you are a design professional, a builder, a homeowner or a building operator, and have a project that you wish to reduce its energy consumption, whether it is a new construction or renovation project, please contact us  to discuss your plans in more details.

Let us help you design an energy efficient home... Email us your plans for a free evaluation.