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Radiant Heating System

What is Radiant Heating?

Radiant Heating is not about the Heat Loss of the room; it’s about the Heat Loss of the person in the room. Your body is a radiator.  If you can control the heat loss of the individual then you have a person who is feeling warm and comfortable.
Radiant Heating is not a new technology; in fact, it is one of the oldest heating methods man ever knew. Today, radiant heating systems are gaining popularity again due to their low initial costs, low operating costs, and the high level of comfort they provide.

Our radiant heating system delivers radiant heat slightly differently than conventional radiant systems.  Most of the time, we use radiant heating panels instead of wires or hydronics, which has a great benefit of saving on the installation and labor costs. We provide a full heat-loss analysis for each chamber to ensure the system is properly sized to the needs of each chamber.  So you will never be paying more for a system that is over-sized, nor will you be paying for a system that will underperform. 

Our Radiant Heating System system is a combination of different heating panels system work together to achieve thermal comfort.  These systems are:

Under-Slab Radiant Heating

Metal Radiant Ceiling Panel      

Radiant Ceiling Heating

 Floor Warming System

Please click on your location to learn more about this radiant heating system solution in your city; Montreal , Ottawa and Kingston.   These products are also available across Canada and the US.