Products and Services

Our products are very easy to install saving you time and money which can be translated into further saving for your customers.

They also provide a healthy living for the customers by contributing to cleaner indoor environments while helping them to further reduce their energy consumption.

  1. Services
    We provide green building and energy efficiency consulting for new buildings or renovations projects.
  2. Radiant Heating System
    Radiant Heating System is one of the oldest heating systems humanity ever knew. It is the most comfortable, one of the cheapest and virtually maintenance free system.
  3. SIPs
    SIPs are a great solution for building energy efficient buildings in a fast and cost effective manner.
  4. Other Products
    LED Lights, Green Roofs, PV, Solar Thermal, Green Insulation, Wood floors and more...
  5. ICF Blocks
    Durisol's ICF is a natural, breathable and sound proof wall system that has a superior thermal performance.
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