Green Buildings Ottawa-Kingston

Structural Insulated Panels

Ottawa and Kingston have been leaders in alternative technologies.  Ottawa for example has the largest number of Passive House and LEED certified buildings across the country and Kingston has built its reputation around its leading role in renewable energy technologies.

Although these two cities have a great reputation in this domain, the reality is a little bit more complicated.  The labor costs are just like any other Canadian city remain
high in Ottawa and Kingston.  But the other real challenge that is more
specific to these cities is the availability of innovative green products at
a reasonable price. 

This is the main reason, Petra Building Solutions was
established.  Our objective for the Ottawa-Kingston Markets is
to find those products and bring them to these markets at a
reasonable price.  The way we do this is by offering a variety of
products that can be priced as packages.  That reduces our cost,
which in return reduces your costs.
The prefabricated building envelop systems are relatively new solution that directly address the cost of on-site labor.  Our panels have the advantage of being structural and at the same time thermal bridge free.  They are all precut according to your plans and are flexible to fit your needs. 

These panels are ideal for roof, wall, floor and even foundation wall               systems.
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Consulting Services

Using green products to building will for sure save you up to 50% on your energy consumption, however, using them with careful planning will help you realize up to 90% in savings allowing you to achieve the strictest building standards if you choose to.

                  Whether you want to use other products
                     or ours, we will be able to help you build                               a high energy performance building.

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Radiant Heating System

Even though the energy prices in Ontario are generally higher, especially electricity, there are systems that are 100% efficient and can be simple solutions for very complex problems.  For instance, our radiant ceiling panel is a simple, inexpensive and reliable solution for condensation and cold drafts close to big windows.  It is commonly used in office buildings,
hospitals, theatres, condos…etc.

Another system that is very efficient are the under
slab radiant heating panels.  In Ontario, taking
advantage of the off-peak electric rates is an
opportunity to save money.  This system draws
energy from the grid during off-peak hours to build
thermal mass that will be used during on peak hours
to heat the space passively. 

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