Green Buildings Montreal

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

So you are about to start a new project, and you are looking to implement
new and green construction techniques.  You want a green
building in Montreal because you know it is good, more
sustainable, more comfortable, saves you money on the
long run and maybe also you care about the
environment.  Then you are on the right website. 

We know green buildings, we know sustainable,
and we know we can help.  From consulting
services on how to achieve an optimal energy
performance to the supply of the highest quality
green construction products, we are here to help:
Labor can be costly anywhere in Canada, but it can be really very costly in Quebec.  If you are looking to build using sustainable construction
                             techniques to achieve a certain green building standard around  the Montreal area, you might be considering the
cost of labor involved, as constructing a green building
requires  much more details and will take longer
on-site labor to achieve. 

                                          There is a solution for that; a SIP prefabricated
building system is easy to install and most of the
                                                         complicated details are taken care of in factory
   conditions, minimizing intensive work on the
job site, while guarantying you achieving any
                                                              green building standard you wish to achieve. 
                                             This also makes them attractive for DIY.

                                                             If you are interested in a free quotation for your,
                           please feel free to call us .  Or to read more,  please

Radiant Heating System:

Montreal and its surrounding towns have the
advantage of cheap electric rate, but what if these rates
are combined with a 100% efficient system?  Yes, that’s
right, you are not only using a cheap source of electricity but
also you are using it in the most efficient way.  Not mention the
saving on the capital cost; this system is not only cheaper than a
comparable hydronic system, it is also much easier and faster to install. 
In fact, you can save up to 50% on your installation costs with  Thermaray panels.

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Green Building
        Consulting Services:

                                                                                             Are you looking to build a green
                                                                                              building to a certain national or
                                                                                               international standard?  We can
                                                                                               help!  Our expertise in building
                                                                                             envelopes and energy
                                                                                          conservation methods will be 
                                                                                        deployed to make sure you achieve
                                                                                      your target.  We work with from the
                                                                                 concept stage until the last brick is laid
                                                                           to make sure that your project is as green
                                                                       as you want it to be. 

So if you are looking to certify your building, our role will include design
consulting, documenting  and facilitating the certification process with the
related institute.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss in specifics how we can help you.