Foundational Panels

SIPs are also be used as foundational panels due to their structural capacity.  Foundational panel are made up of EPS sandwiched with PWF (Permanent Wood Foundation), which is tested for a 100 years.

Admittedly, SIPs are not the conventional way of building foundation walls, however the benefits of SIPs foundation have been realized and measured for years decades already.  Some of these benefits over the conventional concrete foundation are:

1.  Dry basement: SIPs foundation walls will not allow humidity to seep into basements, creating healthier more livable basements spaces.
2.  Higher insulation values:  SIPs have higher insulation values than    concrete, providing better thermal comfort and energy savings.
3.  No cracking:  unlike SIPs, concrete is a porous material that will eventually crack overtime. 
4.  No curing time:  SIPs don’t need to cure after installation, therefore, allowing for faster installation times.
5.  No extra framing needed:   since concrete has a very low R-value, most people try to insulate the basements by framing the inside walls of the concrete and adding insulation.  With SIPs, the panels are insulated, reducing installation time and labor costs.
6.  Cost: even though SIP foundations are superior to conventional concrete foundation, it is cost equivalent to it.
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