Green Buildings Frequently

 We thought we would share some of the most asked questions about Green Buildings.
  1. How can I be saving money by building green?
    Using Petra Building Solutions Inc.’s products you will not only be saving money on your operational costs of your building like energy bills and maintenance costs, but you will also be cutting labor costs as our products are easier and faster to install. You will start noticing your savings as soon as experts start working on sizing your HVAC system, as you won’t need an HVAC system as big as in a similar building that’s not built on green standards.
  2. What is the expected payback period?
    It is hard to say as it does not only depend on the type of products you are using, but it also depends on a lot of other complex factors. Electricity rates, building design, location and orientation, are only few factors that determine the payback period of your investment. Implementing your green vision at an early stage of the design could save you up to 85% of your running costs of the building.
  3. Isn’t it much more expensive to build a green building compared to a conventional building?
    No, green buildings cost about the same as conventional buildings, especially if you incorporate your green vision at early stages of your design. In fact, the life cycle cost of green buildings is much cheaper than conventional buildings.
  4. Other than money, why should I consider green?
    Green buildings are healthier and more comfortable to live in. They are also much more environmentally friendly and they address our biggest challenge in human history which is Global Warming.
  5. Where can I learn more about Green Buildings?
    You can visit the following websites:
You can always contact us , we will be happy to share our knowledge with you or use the form below to ask us any question about Green Buildings